Jerwood Drawing Prize

Nicki Rolls

“Sketch is a short 16mm film animation, projected onto a sketchbook. It depicts a street scene, but the figure and a white van exit the main image and traverse the other pages of the sketchbook and onto the wall behind. “

The Jerwood Drawing Prize is a really exciting and inspirational show to visit. I  particularly enjoyed looking at artwork by Nicki Rolls, who projects a 16mm film onto the open pages of a sketchbook. The film depicts  a suburban scene, with someone clearing up the streets, framed by trees and houses in the distance. A  man strolls by from the left, talking on his mobile. He travels across the open leaves of the sketch bookpages  and then disappears from view. A van also dips into the open pages and drives out of the sketchbook.


Another interesting artist who cuts out the stories, headlines and pictures from newspapers so that the skeleton of the paper only remains

Robert Battams

Robert Battam’s work in the Jerwood Drawing  exhibition, is created from perfectly shaped stacks of graph paper, meticulously cut and glued on top of one another. Layers of paper are fractionally set back from the one below to form contours and graduated recesses. He describes his work dealing with our separation from the real world and how virtual spaces influence our perceptions and experiences. 

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