Paul Noble

PAUL NOBLE <i>Welcome to Nobson</i> (detail), 2008–10 Pencil on paper 178 x 281 1/2 inches  (452 x 715 cm)


Welcome to Nobson (detail), 2008–10
Pencil on paper
Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery, London

Welcome to Nobson, 2008–10
Pencil on paper

Welcome to Nobson (detail), 2008–10
Pencil on paper

Heaven, 2009
Graphite on paper

Cathedral (detail), 2011
Pencil on paper

Epic and breathtaking work by Paul Noble. The scale, detail and imagination of this artist is unbelievable.

Gagosian’s Press release

“Noble’s intricate graphite drawings describe Nobson Newtown, a place composed of labyrinthine edifices and deserted topography embedded with modules of dense detail. Employing cavalier projection—a cartographical method characterized by a high viewpoint—Noble meticulously delineates a wealth of elaborate architecture and open urban spaces. These phantasmagorical landscapes allude to sources as diverse as ancient Chinese scrolls, Fabergé eggs, Henry Moore’s sculptures, and paintings by Hieronymus Bosch. The encrypted fictions of Nobson Newtown are dizzyingly complex—visual articulations of the tensions between disorder, perversion, and logical 
schema. “

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