DOMO BAAL-Mhairi Vari: Domain

Hub – John Street
Gazing Ball, hot–melt glue, desk, twigs* 250(h)×180×180cm 2011, photo by Andy Keate
*twigs gathered from Aleppo, Alghero, Amsterdam, Ananas Berg, Antwerp, Birmingham, Bloomsbury, Bremen, Brighton, Brussels, Chelsea, Cologne, Damascus, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen, Exeter, Finale Ligure, Genoa, Hatay, Istanbul, Kasikasima, Münster, Orvieto, Palmyra, Palumeu, Paramaribo, Paris, Rome, Seven Sisters, South Norwood, Venice, Victoria Park, Wilhelmshaven.

After a visit to the Charlie Dutton Gallery, we swung by Domobaal, which was actually shut for christmas, but the gallery owner kindly let us take a look at Mhairi Vari’s exhibition.

The work was installed by the artist in the gallery over a period of two weeks. There will also be a dismantling party, where visitors will help collapse, destroy, remove the artwork in some manner to celebrate the end of this particular exhibition.

I really enjoyed the sculptures. They seemed very festive, like unusual christmas trees and decorations. They were fun, unpretentious and enjoyable to look at. I liked the combinations of organic and uncontrolled textures in relation to the smooth gazing balls and marbles. 
Quote from Domoball press:

“Vari is attempting to develop a sculptural language that reflects the instability, fragility and vulnerability of our physical and digital worlds. In search of the contemporary location of the sublime in vast virtual spaces, final outcomes can only be arrived at through an extensive and obstinate process of material play.”

This sculpture was really impressive. In the centre, was a large gazing ball, surrounded by a woven mesh of branches collected from many places over the world. A hot glue gun was used to create the coloured threads, which in places were so fine and  delicate, they were like sewing thread. The sculpture was placed on top of an antique desk.

Mhairi Vari: Domain is on from 19.11.11 – 17.12.11 extended between 12.01.12 – 21.01.12



Thursday to Saturday 12 to 6pm

and at other times by appointment


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