Endmor is  a collective of fresh, raw talent bubbling out of  London art schools.

There is currently an opportunity for international artists between the ages of 16- 25,  to exhibit alongside Endmor  in  their forthcoming exhibition.

 ‘LIMBO’  April 2012

 Here are details from the ENDMOR blogspot and how to get involved


ENDMOR is an art collective formed in 2011 by a group of young people, currently exhibiting in Tower Bridge Studios in Bermondsey; a large space, with an ex-industrial atmosphere.

Our aim is to use the space for the purpose of creating an environment which is expressive and productive, in which we can explore the art of others, whilst presenting our own. Incorporating music, pop up shops, Zine displays and other features amongst the artwork.

The concept of ENDMOR was defined by wanting to create artwork that has a balance between technique, craft and concept. We are looking for people who want to be involved. Aiming to fill the space with work, and creating an environment which reflects the theme LIMBO. This is a project which is constantly growing, hoping to incorporate new ideas. 

ENDMOR II Our next exhibition is set for April under the title LIMBO

Since the last exhibition ‘Modern Traditions’, we have begun to curate the next, Limbo. For which we hope to incorporate new ideas and invite people to submit work or get involved. To get in contact, email us at endmor@hotmail.co.uk.


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