Endmor finally happened last weekend. Here is a small selection of artworks created by some really talented young artists, not even at university yet, athough some have indeed secured places at colleges throughout the U.K and will be starting September 2012. The show was funded by a charity gig using their musical and cake making contacts. The space was acquired for just two days. They created blogs and a website to promote the event, enabling international artists to join in by submitting work on line. The age limit fell between 16- 25, thus bringing in budding artists that would be working in school, university or college or just graduating from art school.  

The ENDMOR collective is definitely a ‘one to watch’. 

 The exhibition itself was secured in a split level  dimly lit warehouse, which became a welcome haven from the torrential rain outside. Artworks glowed warmly in the dry and dusty interior, as singers and music sang their heart outs, cakes were eaten and young artists and their parents admired the eclectic selection of artworks hung from the bare brick walls.

The weather outside from the steamy bus on way to exhibition

The interior of the space at Tanner Street near London Bridge.

A small selection of artwork on display

Kitty Wallace

Sam Petherbridge

Somaya Critchlow