Pin hole images

I have been in the dark room today. I did not know how beautiful the weather was outside. However, I have now processed a of film and also made some pin hole images from a pin hole camera. The box was made from a square washing tablet box,  a can, a pin and some gaffer tape. I am going to create an exposure tonight and see what happens. The pin hole camera is an amazing device, simple, yet effective.

pin hole image

inverted pin hole imageThis was a 20 minute exposure after midday.

This is the box used to make the above images.
Other pinhole images

keith dotson

Black and white sepia tone pinhole (sténopé/ lensless) photo of wooden dock with boat on a lake by Christian Poncet

There was even a world wide pin hole day on April 29th 2012. It seems to have been going since 2001.

Steve Irvine- “Taken with a ceramic camera. A 45 minute exp. on a paper negative.”

Richard Pitman, “Explosion”
London, United Kingdom”This is the huge ash tree at the bottom of my garden. It’s been raining incessantly for the last couple of weeks so the light was pretty poor. Ironically, as I type the sun has broken through. It’s glorious!
An old Canon 10D dSLR with a filthy sensor. A black plastic coffee jar lid taped over the lens mount. Hole in the centre covered with black electrical tape and a neat pinhole in the centre. Haven’t changed it since last year.”

An image from my film shot this morning


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