Kollwitz born in Kaliningrad, Russia  in 1867. She became a student in Berlin to develop her artistic skills as a painter, etcher and sculptor. She documented the working class, revolutions, war and human sufferings. Her son Peter, died in World War 1 and her grandson, Peter in World War 2. ‘The grieving parents’ was a memorial artwork to soldiers and their families who had suffered because of the war.

Grieving Parents- Kathe Kollwitz

kathe kollwitz


Kollwitz documents the lives of the less fortunate, capturing harrowing moments of despair, unconsolable loss and devastation. The artwork below is a mother with her dead child.

kathe kollwitz

kathe kollwitz

The above wood cut is a self-portrait by Kollwitz, with a stoic gaze and unflattering rendering which alludes to the suffering she faced through out her life.


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