Giddy Goat furniture restoration project.

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This is a post slightly off topic, as it is not an art exhibition, but furniture restoration!

I bought a table on Ebay this year, having moved house to a non-furnished property. The house is quite petite, so I was searching for a table that would fit through the door. I eventually found a drop leaf table by a small company called ‘Giddy Goat,’ – the creation of Gill (Mrs Giddy Goat) who lives in a village in West Sussex, near the Ashdown Forest.

Gill has a knack for restoring tired and damaged antique furniture,  to give them a new lease of life. The table was beautifully restored, with a bright green pedestal and oak top.

Her blog and Facebook page links are below.


Next, came the chest of drawers. I saw these on Gill’s Facebook page and thought they would go nicely with the green table. I had no plan to start getting green furniture, it sort of accidentally happened. This green paint is made by a company called Annie Sloan, circa 2000. Annie Sloan’s career began as a painter, which then developed into interior design and her own paint range. The green is called Antibes green, named after a place in the south of France, which I actually drove through this October for a wedding.  A lot of her paint has a french vibe to it, with names  such as Louis Blue, Arles and Provence.


Rhiannons sideboard drawer detail

Rhiannons sideboard bottom right veneer

The next item of furniture was specially commissioned by me. I had found a side board on Ebay that had beautiful carved details on the drawers and on the handles.






It looked fairly damaged; a bit mouldy and suffering from peeling veneer and damp. The surface at the top was marked also. I debated for some time, about whether it could be fixed or was it worth it. Gill had faith that she could turn the piece into something spectacular. She wanted to give it a new beginnings, so I though ok, let’s do this!

Rhiannons sideboard top

So the sideboard was delivered to her workshop directly from the seller. Gill worked out what needed to be done, but I choose the colour, or rather the colour choose me. It had to be Antibes Green again. However, I could not think what colour to paint the inside. I decided to visit her workshop in person, to discuss colour choices.

Gill’s house was filled with lovely furniture that she is currently restoring, either commissioned by clients or to sell on Ebay or Facebook. She works in collaboration with her husband, who helps with some of the additional carpentry. She told me she had taken over quite a lot of his work spaces at home.


And the finished product, is quite amazing. I absolutely love what she did. Gill is also a very accommodating lady; responding quickly to all my questions, reassuring me when I was panicking about the restoration project or being  flexible when I was arranging pick up.

IMG_8192 IMG_8198 IMG_8199So the sideboard is in the kitchen. I now have to fix the floor and the walls or… wait until I move again…..(Not quite got the display skills of Gill yet.) She has also found a piece of furniture to go in our bathroom, after I sent over a photo of the space and is currently working on that.

I wanted to post about Giddy Goat, as I am really pleased with all the items Gill has restored and that I now have the pleasure of owning and perhaps someone out there has a piece of furniture that needs some love too.

Giddy Goat on Twitter:


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