Hannah Williamson

I have been inspired by Hannah Williamson’s sculptures and collages recently. I think it is the immediacy and freshness of the work that draws me in. There is a beautiful simplicity to their construction, a lack of fussiness and of being overworked. They simply ‘just are’ because, as one collage is aptly titled “Why Not, oil on board, 2012”

 Work by Hannah Williamson below

Hannah Williamson

Hannah Williamson

form-view-3-2012 I have recently made an interpretation of her work and she is currently adapting one of my pieces to make something new and unexpected. The work I have ‘ re- configured’ is shown after Williamson’s painting.

Hannah Williamson  A simple transformation from paint to pencil, from fast and expressive to slow and detailed. I tried to get all the shapes the paint had created and was challenged by capturing the watercolour marks, which ended up becoming smudges.

Now I did this task, because something draws me to her work and I wanted to process it somehow.. Is it because I labour unnecessarily with mine, getting ‘het up’ with all the detail and crave for a more immediate outcome? Probably yes. Paintings should be about the physicality of paint right? Is it because the work conjures up new possibilities for my imagination, both as an artist and as a viewer.  Yes, definitely!

 Below are a few more examples of her work.

 yes-mixed-media-on-paper-2011 why-not-oil-on-board-2012 untitled-close-up-acrylic-on-lino-november-2012

Hannah Williamson

Hannah Williamson

The luscious quality of paint, colour and texture, expresses a pure enjoyment of materials, evident in her fun and playful collages. The work just suggests a possibility of something; a distant hill, an island, may be birds flocking over a sea, but this is ultimately left up to the viewer to decide.

I am greatly inspired by her work and have discovered new artists such as Franz West and Frank Bowling through her, who have infiltrated into Williamson’s artwork, with their shared passions of the beautiful substances of paint and surface.

You can see a more comprehensive catalogue of Williamson’s work on her blog



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