End of the festival- Dulwich Open House.

Today was the last day of the festival. I thought I would write a post, to thank all the visitors that made it to my home. We had lots of great feedback from people and have now a rather large mailing list to compile. It was great to sell work to our neighbours and friends. We met lots of local artists too, as well as visits  from Winchester, Sevenoaks and Grantham to name but a few far away places. My parents have now become art collectors, buying one of Hannah Williamson’s pieces. (which makes a change from having just mine on their wall).

Another great moment, was when my art teacher from my school days of 15 years ago, popped in and reminded me how I used to draw when I was 12. She also came to see my final show at the RCA a few years back. It was amazing to see her again.

Hannah has been shortlisted for the Charlie Dutton Print and Photo exhibition happening next week on the 29th May. Please come down and see her work.

hannah williamson

hannah williamson

LInk to Charlie Dutton Website.


I may be having a show in the autumn, so watch this space for more details. Hannah and myself are also looking to compile a group exhibition in the near future, with a few other artists.

All that is left to do now, is get the pollyfiller out and mend the holes in the wall, deliver the sold artworks to their new owners and perhaps start thinking about next year.



2 thoughts on “End of the festival- Dulwich Open House.

  1. Hi, I didn’t get to see your show but have looked at works online. I really do find Hannah’s work engaging and would be interested in exhibiting with you if you do get a group show together in the future.
    Kind Regards
    Fiona Chaney

  2. Hello Fiona. Great to hear from you. I will tell Hannah to look at your website and pass on your interest in her work. Please keep in touch. Your work looks very interesting.


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