Last night, I went to the opening of the Photo and Print exhibition at Charlie Dutton’s Gallery. Hannah Williamson had an artwork on display, which was also at our Dulwich Open House exhibition. You can see her work in a previous post below.

Hannah’s artwork as it looked in the Dulwich Open House against my lovely wood chip walls.


 47 artists were shortlisted  by:

John Stezaker

Julia Muggenburg

Gallerist(Belmacz, Mayfair)& Collector

Charlie Dutton & Kate Saffin

LInk to Charlie Dutton’s Gallery in London

There was so much exciting work to see in this small gallery space. Every possible nook and cranny had been made use of. I have added links and images from a small selection of artists.

I thought I would begin with Fran’s incredible lino print entitled ‘little lost boy’. I was hoping to catch her at the end of the night,  just to say something like wow, or perhaps something more intellectual but she had left before I had the chance.


I have never seen a more detailed lino print, which she had handled almost like a painting, as the lines seemed really fluid. There were so many layers with subtle shifts in alignment to reveal more colours underneath.  Lino printing had a really interesting embossed texture and so really the work must be seen in person to do it justice. Truly stunning piece of work.

Next, was an unusual artwork by Harry Meadows, described as a digital print on silk with mixed media. I loved the surface texture of this piece; its glossy sheen and highly saturated colours. The framing was unusual, half stretched over a circular frame, like an embroidery hoop, with jutting out red strips and then half of the image  was out of this frame hanging in folds below. I need to find out more about what it all means! The piece was entitled ‘Medallion’.


There was a beautiful photo by Serrah Russell called ‘Forest Fire’.


Whilst checking out her website, I saw this image called ‘Must retain the shadow’. Her website has many collaged images and photographs, whereby techniques such as folding and omitting parts of the image, or combining several different images into a new landscape or scenario are explored.


Simon Hall had a really interesting piece called Eis I, described as a CKMY silkscreen print.


I found more of his artwork here.

And have added a couple of images to show you without the dodgy photograph angle.
Image 1 Svinafellsjokull III Untitled-1_6

Another gorgeous piece, was this one, by Simon Leahy- Clark, called Ship II described as newspaper on board.  IMG_8952

A couple of images below, pulled from his website.

13.-gwyther-irwin-ii_595 5.-ruin_595IMG_8951 IMG_8950

This little white cube photograph really inspired my boyfriend. It was created by Peter Ainsworth, entitled ‘Plinth Cover’.  Again, I need to find out more about this artist.


Mimei Thompson exhibited the pink and blue image above, framed against a silver background, and called ‘Parterre de l’Orangerie, Versaille.’ Whilst looking up the meaning of her title, I found this image of  the gardens at Versaille in France and saw the link.


Mimei was in the year above at the RCA, so I have known about her work for some years. Her work in this show, was very different to what I expected. Below are a few images from her website. I adore Mimei’s work.

cave-painting-interior-2-1363369048 untitled_cave_painting_2-1345461493 passing-by-1363361352

It was also great to see Bella Easton, who is up to all sorts of exciting things, such as this:

LUBOMIROV-EASTON IS an ALISN Project Space in Deptford, South London, headed by ALISN organisers, curators and artists Iavor Lubomirov and Bella Easton.

LUBOMIROV-EASTON SHOWS emerging artists, invited individually or in pairs, to develop ambitious new projects resulting in significant solo, or collaborative exhibitions. Our programming of mostly solo and two-person shows is supplemented with curated shows by artist-curators, national and international exchanges, lectures, films, performances, and events.

LUBOMIROV-EASTON EXTENDS its outreach to a larger number of emerging artists, by concurrently evolving a collection of edition works – called LED – comprising of prints, books, sculptures and multiples in other mediums. LED is by invitation. However, submissions of edition work are considered. Please email your images to

LUBOMIROV-EASTON INVITES proposals from artists who wish to develop a major new project or present a curated show. Click here for information about submitting a proposal. All organisations, including artist-led spaces or projects are invited to approach us with ideas for exchange or collaboration.

This is the next show!

Bella’s work in Charlie Dutton Gallery was a hand coloured copper plate etching.


Finally, I have included work by Julian Wakeling, who I had the pleasure in chatting too at the opening.  He always takes his camera with him, to record reflections through windows and mirrors of people in streets and buildings. I could have picked any of his photos from his flickr stream, as all of them are exquisite and beautiful and intriguing to look at. He had one photograph in the exhibition called ‘curtain’.


A few more of Julian’s work below.Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 16.49.27 Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 16.49.08 Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 16.49.56 Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 16.50.13

Well this is just a small taste of the delights to be found at Charlie Dutton Gallery.



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