RCA ART 2015

I went to the end of year  RCA show at Battersea and took photos of ceramics, painting, sculpture and print, but failed to make a note of the artist names, so I have been trying to identify what work belongs to who. Thinking it would be easy just to consult the online catalogue and match up the art, but no, some work is radically different or unique to the show. I have added the photos for the time being and will try to add names..RCA2015 JULIA VARELA- RCA2015-69 JULIA VARELA- RCA2015-70 RCA2015-3 RCA2015-4 RCA2015-8 RCA2015-9 RCA2015-10 RCA2015-11 RCA2015-12 RCA2015-13 RCA2015-15 RCA2015-17 RCA2015-18 RCA2015-19 RCA2015-20 RCA2015-21 RCA2015-22 RCA2015-24 RCA2015-26 RCA2015-27 RCA2015-28 RCA2015-29 RCA2015-30 RCA2015-31 RCA2015-32 RCA2015-34 RCA2015-37 RCA2015-38 RCA2015-39 RCA2015-40 RCA2015-41 RCA2015-42 RCA2015-44 RCA2015-46 RCA2015-47 RCA2015-48 RCA2015-49 RCA2015-50 RCA2015-51 RCA2015-52 RCA2015-53 rca2015-54 RCA2015-55 RCA2015-56 rca2015-58 rca2015-59 rca2015-60 rca2015-61 rca2015-62 RCA2015-63 RCA2015-64 RCA2015-65 RCA2015-68 RCA2015-72 RCA2015-73 RCA2015-74 RCA2015-75 RCA2015-77 RCA2015-78 RCA2015-79 RCA2015-80 Ruozhe Xue-RCA2015-25.jpg015-25 SAM TIERNEY- RCA2015-16 SUSAN EYRE-RCA2015-5 SUSAN EYRE-RCA2015-6 SUSAN EYRE-RCA2015-7 tessa eastman VALENTINA PINI- RCA2015-66 VALENTINA- PINI-RCA2015-67 WEI ZHU- RCA2015-2