Get it Arts – print exhibition


Marion kuit

Saw a print exhibition today. It was just about to close so good to check it out. An interesting collection of photographs, etchings, collagraphs and screen prints in a space round the corner of Brick lane in Heneage street called 5thbase. 


I really liked a series of collages by SooMin Leong. Above is a rather quick snap of their art and work by Marion Kuit and Clare Phelan was also exciting.

Exhibiting artists were. Aliette Bretel / Clare Phelan / Daniel Shiel / Emma Sywyj / Eunjung Suh / Lorena Herrero / Marion Kuit / Millie Edwards / Minju Kim / Sarah Cliffe / SooMin Leong / Tanya Fryer

I hope to investigate their work more thoroughly but for now this is to just note down names for future reference.