I went to a little village called Cutar on the southern coast of Spain during the Month of July in order to ‘return to drawing.’ It had been some time I had used drawing to inform my art practice, so wanted to refresh my approach.  I had discovered a Drawing holiday run by Martyn Blundell and  pretty much signed up for it on the spot.  I had used ideas based on Martyn Blundell’s work  before, as an innovative approach to teach drawing to my students.  Martyn Blundell is an artist and lecturer, who uses many disciplines such as videos,  photographs and drawing which are often inspired from the making and transforming of  different types of lists. What first drew me in to his  art practice, was his way of connecting artists; forming collaborations to instigate new ideas and unexpected artworks, incorporating new media technologies as well as traditional methods to translate a thought-provoking message. So, I was really excited about what I could learn from the experience.

Below is a link to Martyn Blundell’s website.


This is the weather at Elephant and Castle as we left for Stanstead.

Journey to Stanstead

Although not totally thrilled with what I did produce, I think I have made a positive start on my return to drawing.  I now need time to process everything and utilize information gained from the evening crits, and work out the next steps.

This is another drawing student sitting on a wall in Cutar. We spent half the day drawing with crayons and pens

drawing on a wall in Cutar

First drawing spot in Cutar

I spent a good few hours creating a pencil sketch here

view from hill in Cutar- pencil drawing

So the weather was really hot and dry. It did not rain once. We went to lots of really interesting drawing spots each day as well as checking out local markets, eating tapas and  swimming in the sea. Below is a mixture of drawings from my sketchbook and also photographs of drawing spots.

We went to this fantastic rock formation and made a series of sketches listening to Spanish music in the sunshine


Some of the plant life at the rocks

olafur eliasson

olafur eliasson at Malaga Contemporary Art Museum

Plants in the garden at the house we were staying in at Cutar

Two artists talking about art before the evening art discussion

Sheets drying on the roof terrace. They dried in about 10 minutes as it was so hot!

view from the garden at the house

The abandoned Rum Factory we took photos of and also drew

Louise Bourgeois at Malaga Contemporary Arts Museum

Louise Bourgeois at Malaga Contemporary Arts Museum

Pint of beer

I thought the drawing trip was really good. I hope to go again with Martyn in the future and also go on some of my own excursions.  A drawing trip stops you putting things off, as at home, I will tidy the fridge or do the laundry or plan a lesson. Drawing takes time.  Or you may cram in lots of tourist attractions and need another holiday. This trip was both relaxing and hard work and completely changed my way of thinking about art and drawing and also teaching art and drawing. It was almost too good.