Orchids, 2015


RCA ART 2015

I went to the end of year  RCA show at Battersea and took photos of ceramics, painting, sculpture and print, but failed to make a note of the artist names, so I have been trying to identify what work belongs to who. Thinking it would be easy just to consult the online catalogue and match up the art, but no, some work is radically different or unique to the show. I have added the photos for the time being and will try to add names..RCA2015 JULIA VARELA- RCA2015-69 JULIA VARELA- RCA2015-70 RCA2015-3 RCA2015-4 RCA2015-8 RCA2015-9 RCA2015-10 RCA2015-11 RCA2015-12 RCA2015-13 RCA2015-15 RCA2015-17 RCA2015-18 RCA2015-19 RCA2015-20 RCA2015-21 RCA2015-22 RCA2015-24 RCA2015-26 RCA2015-27 RCA2015-28 RCA2015-29 RCA2015-30 RCA2015-31 RCA2015-32 RCA2015-34 RCA2015-37 RCA2015-38 RCA2015-39 RCA2015-40 RCA2015-41 RCA2015-42 RCA2015-44 RCA2015-46 RCA2015-47 RCA2015-48 RCA2015-49 RCA2015-50 RCA2015-51 RCA2015-52 RCA2015-53 rca2015-54 RCA2015-55 RCA2015-56 rca2015-58 rca2015-59 rca2015-60 rca2015-61 rca2015-62 RCA2015-63 RCA2015-64 RCA2015-65 RCA2015-68 RCA2015-72 RCA2015-73 RCA2015-74 RCA2015-75 RCA2015-77 RCA2015-78 RCA2015-79 RCA2015-80 Ruozhe Xue-RCA2015-25.jpg015-25 SAM TIERNEY- RCA2015-16 SUSAN EYRE-RCA2015-5 SUSAN EYRE-RCA2015-6 SUSAN EYRE-RCA2015-7 tessa eastman VALENTINA PINI- RCA2015-66 VALENTINA- PINI-RCA2015-67 WEI ZHU- RCA2015-2





I just made it to the Contemporary British Abstraction – Group show on the last day of its opening. I drove there via Bromley on Saturday morning to St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School in Eltham. There is plenty of parking outside and the Gallery is just on the right of the school main reception.  I have only visited Eltham once before to see Eltham Palace and Bromley was also a first. The gallery space is still really fresh, having recently opened in Nov 2014 and have what seems to be a continuous programme of events, such as exhibitions and residencies.


Ralph Anderson

Ralph Anderson



 The gallery space is only open on Saturdays to the public but there is a good length of time to see the artwork, as this ran from Saturday 28th February 2015 – Saturday 11th April 2015  and the gallery opening times are between 11am to 3pm
Andrew Bick and Susan Gunn
I was intrigue to see the show, drawn by Julian Brown’s work who I have reviewed in the past and to see Andrew Bick’s paintings, as well as to find out about new artists I had not heard of.
My review of Julian Brown’s artwork can be found here.
Juilian Brown

Juilian Brown

Artists include:
David Ainley, Ralph Anderson, Chris Baker, Dominic Beattie, Andrew Bick, Katrina Blannin, Claudia Boese, Julian Brown, EC, Ben Cove, Clem Crosby, Pen Dalton, Lisa Denyer, Andrew Graves, Terry Greene, Susan Gunn, Alexis Harding, Sue Kennington, Sarah R Key, Phoebe Mitchell, Matthew Macaulay, Ellie MacGarry, Katrin Mäurich, Sarah McNulty, Mali Morris, Andrew Parkinson, Aimee Parrott, Marion Piper, Clare Price, Geoffrey Rigden, Gwennan Thomas, Trevor Sutton, David Webb, Mary Webb, Gary Wragg,
This painting by Claudia Boese was rather beautiful. The yellow edging looked like gold from a distance which only changed when you approached the work. It reminded me of  a garden.
Claudia Boese

Claudia Boese

Gary Wragg and Dominic Beattie

Gary Wragg and Dominic Beattie


Katrin Maurich and Clare Price

Katrin Maurich and Clare Price

SE9’s blurb about the exhibition from their website.

‘Contemporary British Abstraction’ is a group show including thirty-five artists all working in the United Kingdom. Selected by artists Matthew Macaulay and Terry Greene, this exhibition has been brought together to highlight how active and vibrant abstraction is today with multiple lines of enquiry being opened and explored.

Sarah R Key

Sarah R Key

New contemporary artists move in and out of abstraction easily, unlike the mid-20th century artists who were forced to take sides between abstraction and representation.  The new generation of artists seem increasingly motivated to create work that sustains and creates new dialogue over the non-representational.

David Ainley

David Ainley

The show brings together artists who have been creating abstract work in the United Kingdom over the last two years. This exhibition includes many important works that have been created by painters with different levels of experience ranging from those who are new to the medium to those who are well-seasoned lifers. The exhibition moves radically between innovative use of geometry, intuition, hard-edge and the painterly.

Andrew Parkinson  andTrevor Sutton

Andrew Parkinson andTrevor Sutton

This exhibition is only a glimpse of the current abstract scene and the range of painters who are working in the United Kingdom at this point in time. By hanging these painters it will be interesting to see the structure that holds their difference together and whether it offers the viewer a coherent offering.’

 Another favourite of mine, was this painting by Phoebe Mitchell. I am not sure exactly why I liked it. Perhaps the delicacy of the lilac and the sense of air and light captured my attention.

phoebe Mitchell copy

phoebe Mitchell

A favourite of Jon’s was this one on the left, by Sarah McNaulty.

 Sarah McNulty, Andrew Graves Lisa Denyer

Sarah McNulty, Andrew Graves Lisa Denyer

The exhibition was really interesting with a very diverse range of approaches, although a lot of the work was a similar size. In a way this was good, as more could be hung on the walls. The space itself is bright and feels spacious, but there is not a great distance to view the work. Large scale abstracts would not have worked well at all. Small and intimate artworks definitely suit the space more.  I really enjoyed visiting the gallery and will be going to the next exhibition which also looks very exciting too.

Natalie Ryde- ‘The Way’

Saturday the 18th of April – Saturday 30th May 2015


Maxine Sutton in Margate

I visited Margate yesterday to see the Self exhibition at Turner Contemporary. On my way there with Hannah Williamson, we stopped off at Maxine Sutton’s shop. 



Here is a link to her website.


2 Market Place




The shop features mainly her work, which is hand screen printed and embroidered onto lampshades and cushions. The items were beautifully simple and elegant.

One of my favourite items was this lampshade for £82.

“single colour, hand screen print. Olivey green on grey marl organic cotton with hand governed Irish machine embroidered details worked in pink natural dyed wool yarn. Each is a one off item, therefore the print placement and embroidery may vary slightly from shown.



Maxine also runs workshops in her studio upstairs.


The show has closed, but I caught it on the last day.

The exhibition included work by these artists.

Pawel Althamer, Frank Benson, Huma Bhabha, Maurizio Cattelan, Urs Fischer, Katharina Fritsch, Ryan Gander, Isa Genzken, Rachel Harrison, Georg Herold, Thomas Hirschhorn, Martin Honert, Pierre Huyghe, Jeff Koons, Paul McCarthy, John Miller, Cady Noland, Ugo Rondinone, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Thomas Schütte, Paloma Varga Weisz, Mark Wallinger, Rebecca Warren, Andro Wekua and Cathy Wilkes.

Whilst looking for images from internet I came across this blog, which also begins mentioning the difficulty in recording the exhibition. Their photo below of Pawel Althamer is also a found image. Here is a link to their review of the exhibition.


Pawel Althamer


Pierre Huyghe’s freeform beehive

The Human Factor at Hayward Gallery, London. Photo by Linda Nylind. 14/6/2014.

Martin Honert


A sculpture of himself from a photo, capturing all the light/tone/qualities of the photo but in a 3-dimensional form. It was an interesting experience to go around the back of the sculpture.

Ryan Gander

06_drawingasexploring hornet-1 Ryan-Gander-Tell-my-mother-not-to-worry-ii-2012-Photo-Linday-Nylind-1280x849-1024x679

Katharina Fritsch

The Human Factor at Hayward Gallery, London.  Photo by Linda Nylind. 14/6/2014.

photo by Linday Nylind


This year and sadly the last year as I am moving, I will be exhibiting work by over 20 London and international based artists. This is my second time taking part in Dulwich Open House. Last year, myself and Hannah Williamson displayed around 50 artworks of photograms and collages. We had lots of visitors each day, partly due to being in a good spot, close to the park and village centre. We had art collectors, neighbours and friends as well as artists coming to see our show. 

This time, I am bringing a selection of art from an exhibition Takayuki Hara and myself curated, called ‘Standing on the Frontier Vol 2.’ In addition, a number of local artists are contributing artwork. Standing on the Frontier closes this Thursday, so we have a quick turnaround. All work is going up the night before!

Here are examples of work which will be exhibited. Sculpture, painting, print, drawing and photography will be on show, some to sell and some just to enjoy.