I am heading to this tomorrow in Dalston Roof Park. There may be tickets left if you go to the ART WEDNESDAY WEBSITE.
 These guys are doing the first talk of many

                   Information from ART WEDNESDAY WEBSITE


“We’d like to tell you about something rather special that we are hosting next Wednesday evening. It’s Nice To Meet You, a TED talk and unique exhibition of conversation and entertainment taking place on Dalston Roof Park, high in the sky of London.Over the next few months we’ll be inviting leaders and innovators from the worlds of business, art, music, advertising and everything below, above and beyond to bed you in to tell you their tales and invite you to question their journeys and motives.These delicate, immersive events, with the most expansive and progressive people on the planet are the first in a series of live opportunities for the AW community to come together, discuss and exchange the very visions, ambitions and opinions that make you the people we want to attend.”

The event will take place here!!

Looks amazing