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logo-1I had the pleasure of becoming part of the selection panel for Made in Arts London earlier this year. MIAL is a platform to showcase student’s artwork from London-based Art institute, University of the Arts. MIAL has a gallery space in Holborn, an online shop and also takes part in art fairs, such as The other Art Fair and pop up shops, such as the one below.

Exhibition Made in Arts London


“The University of the Arts London is Europe’s largest art education institution encompassing a huge range of creative courses over a total of six colleges: Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion, Wimbledon College of Art.”

…The idea was conceived in 2011 by one of our then current students, Kate Rintoul, and Student Union Sabbatical Officer, Robyn Minogue. After securing a creative enterprise grant from the National Union of Students, University staff began work on the project and Made in Arts London was born.

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I met Kate first at the Artsmart festival in 2012, which is another super good thing to talk about, as it is a really useful and interesting event. A brief synopsis: The festival was held by UAL in Holborn. My personal experience of the event was dropping into two days worth of talks and meetings from art professionals, who shared their personal journey with the audience and also gave advice about working in the creative industry. For instance I met people from Etsy and Jotta and saw talks on networking and textile artists.

Anyhow, Kate got in touch and invited me to take part in a selection panel alongside several other artists, to discuss the recent artist submissions for the online gallery. To qualify, the artists must have once been or still a student of UAL. They then submit images of what they want to sell with a blurb about themselves and how much they want to sell it for! It was a lively debate, where we reviewed the different qualities of each work, covering topics such as appropriate pricing and ‘sell-ability’, possibilities of creating editions and areas for future development. Kate made notes while we all bounced ideas back and forth about the individual artworks, which she could then feed back to the applicants. At the end of the meeting, a good solid selection of artists were chosen to be represented by MIAL.

I thought I would select a few examples from across the whole site and not in particular those that I personally selected. However, these are artworks that are exciting and visually interesting to me. The artwork on sale encompasses clothing, textiles, sculpture, lighting, paintings, prints, photographs, jewellery and more.

Brass Feather Ring
Price £40
By Lily McCallin

Bauhaus 4
Photo collage
By Rose Pickles

Days and Nights   painting By Soo Eun Baik

Days and Nights
By Soo Eun Baik

Gateway - mixed media photography £560 By Eleanor Cunningh

Gateway – mixed media photography
By Eleanor Cunningham

Blooming Amapola - customised print £116 By Ximena Escobar

Blooming Amapola – customised print
By Ximena Escobar

Penal Colony III - etching print £250 By Julia Rodrigues

Penal Colony III – etching print
By Julia Rodrigues

There is also a blog where individual designers and artists are interviewed, also posts about upcoming exhibitions and reviews of past shows.

MIAL offers both a great real and virtual space to promote the new talent emerging from London-based art institutes. I am pleased to have met Kate and discovered MIAL and remember feeling honoured to be part of the selection panel too! It is a really helpful way to get fresh out of collage artists ‘out there’ selling their work as soon as possible, as well as opening up a forum for past students too. Any stepping stone such as MIAL, is not an opportunity worth missing, if you are a UAL creative with something good to sell or an art lover seeking exciting and contemporary artworks to purchase.